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1640-6, Daidominami, Inawashiro-machi, Yama-gun, Fukushima
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News from Inawashiro Bandai foot of a mountain hot spring static maple bower

It is asked for the cooperation about the new coronavirus infection prevention
For the coronavirus infection prevention new in this museum sanitization and the ventilation in the hall,
I take measures such as the mask wearing of the employee.
For the infection prevention of a customer and the both this museum, I would like understanding cooperation to a customer as follows.
About check-in
You keep it in mind to avoid a direct meeting and you leave the intervals such as sofas having you hang it and use it.
I carry out thermometry and identity verification to all the customers after having taken the infection prevention.
When, with physical condition checks such as the thermometry as a customer, a case and a cold symptom to include fever are seen,
I ask the instructions of the public health center and I have another room be closed and cope.
About meal serving meals
In both plans, it should be 1-2 times at the number of times of the serving meals.
On meal serving meals, please wait in the window side sofa.
Take ... distance; and ... social distance ...
Recommendation of the room ventilation
I carry out ventilation and sterilization thoroughly before the admission of the customer,
I recommend ventilation in you during a stay.
※As there is a screen door, there is not the worry such as the invasions of the insect.
... which avoids ... sealing space
About this museum facilities
The meal becomes the meal in the room, and every room becomes the individual offer.
※Buffet, a tong, chopsticks cannot use it in common.
The bath becomes the use only for a guest room outdoor bath, family baths.
※There is not the large communal bath.
There is not the elevator
※I can avoid sealing space.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but understanding and cooperation thank you for your cooperation.
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