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1640-6, Daidominami, Inawashiro-machi, Yama-gun, Fukushima
■Toll free number
From August to November
From December to January
From September to November
From April to September

News from Inawashiro Bandai foot of a mountain hot spring static maple bower

Guidance of the year-end and New Year reservation ♪ I accept it from September 1.
Thank you very much for using a static maple bower.
As dishes (ingredients) upgrade, during a period, it becomes the special price.
I make the reservation over a telephone directly.
The reservation from the homepage is from September 7.
From Monday, December 28, 2020 to Monday, January 4, 2021
[number of people to stay]
A reservation is possible from adult 2 other people.
※Please consult about the reservation of one.
[the hotel charges]
Adult 1 other people 35,700 yen - 74,500 yen
Dwarf 1 other people 20,500 yen - 37,700 yen
To a 3 years or older primary schoolchild
It is 4,100 yen (there is no meal, and there is no futon)
It is 8,200 yen (there is no meal, and there is futon)
Under 3 years old (there is no meal, and there is no futon) free of charge
※The customer who is higher than a junior high student is a road according to 1 other people
 I take "bath tax" 150 yen.
※As a rate changes by number of people, please refer on the telephone in detail. 
12/28.29.30 1/2.3.4
※Japanese food dishes plan becomes the basics.
Adult 1 other people rate
35,700 yen - 39,800 yen
※The customer wanting simple meal served for a drinking party plan, please order it by Sunday, December 20.
12/31 1/1
※It becomes only the simple meal served for a drinking party plan.
Adult 1 other people rate
54,000 yen - 74,500 yen 
※I cannot accept the correspondence such as the ingredients which I do not like during a period. Thank you for your understanding.
※About a cancellation fee
It usually occurs from 14 days ago during the year-end and New Year period for five days.
I apologize for the inconvenience, but I would like it.
I wait for a reservation.
You can see the year-end and New Year staying list of charges than "I choose it among an accommodation plan".
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