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1640-6, Daidominami, Inawashiro-machi, Yama-gun, Fukushima
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From August to November
From December to January
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From April to September


The room which faces the exclusive outdoor bath all 11 (for each about 30 tsubos) of the one-story house.
I prepared 12-tatami-mat between two with 10 tatami that laid futon.
From the guest room, you can appreciate a rich forest of Aizu Mount Bandai spreading over there of the outdoor bath. Please enjoy the scenery that seasonal nature of Inawashiro weaves.
There are not the showy interior and furniture at all.
It is the space that thought about coziness to having top priority that there is it.
Please thoroughly enjoy the open luxury that is different in the flavor to be gorgeous of so-called high quality inn.
The wall of the room becomes all the soundproofing dual structure.
You can spend important time without minding various "sounds" of the everyday life let alone the hall.
Outdoor bath of about 8 tatami
While a natural hot spring listens to a sound to spread and a sound of the wind, please enjoy a sense of unity with nature.
Room with a wooden floor
I prepared a comfortable multifunctional massage chair for a body of the bath up.
In addition, you ruin a body in a sofa, and please taste coffee which you sawed by yourself.
10-tatami Japanese-style room
The closed place prepares in this room.
As you spread futon after check-in, you can lie anytime.
※I can prepare the bed. You feel free to contact us, and please attach it.
12-tatami Japanese-style room
The meal prepares in this room.
It is not necessary to mind dust moving futon.

I was fully equipped with "all" to have you spend time comfortably only in a room.
Amenity such as a coffee counter (including a lot of coffee, coffee mill coffee maker), a floor heater, an exclusive outdoor bath, a family bath, a shower, a washstand, multifunctional massage chair (free), air cleaner, humidifier (only as for the winter season), large TV, yukata

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